So I can’t stand smokers of any kind, especially smokers that are 18 and under. Heres why. Smoking cigarettes is probably one of the most stupidest things a person can do, because all it does is harm you. People say it relieves stress but how long is the stress gone for? And isn’t there more healthy ways to get rid of stress thats more efficient? Then there’s weed smokers. Those people get me so angry when they tell me bullshit saying that its not bad for you, and can help fix chemical balances. First, and drug that is not medical and is not for medical reasons is most likely going to hurt you in the long run. Pot smokers know this, yet do it anyway. Also, they claim that its not addictive. Lets talk common sense, shall we? Getting high is pleasurable, I’m assuming. And something thats pleasurable is something that you probably want to do again. The first time you smoke weed, or anything for that matter, is going to have the best results. And when you go for the second time, you are not going to get as high as the first time, so you smoke more and more to try and get as high as the first time. People claim that weed helps them with depression or anxiety, or any other mental disorder. This statement couldn’t be more false. Besides significant damage to your memory, weed makes people have an increased heart rate, which causes paranoia and anxiety. Did you know that anxiety is the main cause for depression? So tell me, how does that help you? How come people can be so ignorant? Im sorry if this offended anyone but seriously, get a hold of your common sense. Please do not start smoking. Please try to stop it if you already are

K girl, youre about to get schooled here. You gonna learn today.

1. Weed is used for medical purposes. Weed is not legalized in some states, its only medicalized. It has been proven to help with depression, anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders, diabetes, CANCER and a whole slew of other problems, and you want to know how thats possible?

2. There are different strains of weed. And im not talking about what they are named. Im talking about Sativa, Indica, and Hybrids. Each of these have different levels of THC, which causes the high feeling (and munchies, etc) and is more prevalent in Sativas. Indicia is higher in CHB, which causes relaxation. Hybrids have an even amount of both of these which causes a nice effect.

3. So thus with that above, let me tell you about the people who sell medicalized marijuana. they are botanists, and pharmacists, all degreed to the max and armed with the knowledge to properly take a patients diagnoses and treat it. Its not your brothers friends cousins girlfriends brother selling medicalized marijuana. its scientists, and doctors. They know what the different strains do, and theyre not going to give someone with anxiety or insomnia a sativa or someone with diabetes a indicia. Most of the time people buying weed off the street do not know what it does, what strain it is, or what its going to do to them. 

4. How does it feel to be the ignorant one?

And by the way, i wrote this while completely baked. Suck. It.







Marital sex = no Jax ass

Extramarital sex = Jax ass

Show, you are a whore because that math makes me want more bad extramarital sex


I can’t feel. Oh god I’m destroyed. Five seasons for a proper sex scene since the last one and it was that. Her face. His face. I’m done. I’m hurt. Leave me here to die. Don’t touch me.

link to the church of tara knowles/maggie is our queen support group



the password is “qween”


Is Tara crying because

A) the upcoming divorce
B) she knows Jax was unfaithful
C) she hates his guts
D) she loves him, but hates what he’s become
E) all of the above


are we just gonna end every episode with jax having sex?

im not complaining, im just wondering

Tara, you don’t make faces like that when Jax Teller is on top of you.

next week on sons of anarchy


y’all will see me appear on screen and beat the living fuck out of jax for 90 minutes

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